Turkish Towel Bamboo Mint



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quick drying – dries in no time

Have the luxury of a fresh and dry towel after each use in any season. Say goodbye to heavy, damp towels.

absorbent – water loving fibres

Be surprised by the high absorbency and fast moisture release of a towel made from the finest natural fibres.

compact – take anywhere

Discover the benefits of an exceptionally space-saving towel here, there, and everywhere.

lightweight – incredibly light

Experience the freedom of a lightweight towel each and every day. Never again be weighed down by a heavy, damp towel.

eco-friendly – sustainably sourced

Be assured that we use only ethically-grown pure and natural materials; better for you and the planet.

the lalen difference

Many companies selling Turkish towels order their towels straight from the shelf.  This is one of the reasons that many Turkish towels look the same except for the labels.  Unfortunately, many of these towels that are produced have limited quality control.  Within the industry, lower quality cotton or synthetic fibers, such as polyester and viscose are often used. However, for us, it’s more than just a towel.

quality first at every step

Our towels are made from high quality pure cotton and bamboo and do not contain synthetic fibers. This ensures our turkish towels will be the best you have tried.

no middleman

just us and our weavers

Our towels are manufactured in a small family run workshop in Turkey. We work with our weavers from the beginning of the process, right through to delivering directly to our customers.

ethically sourced

beauty of craftsmanship

It is very important to us to know our weavers in person and be aware of their working conditions. We ensure that they are paid fairly for their skills.

modern aesthetic

blend of new and old

We have taken the traditional Turkish towel (peshtemal) and given it a modern twist to produce a towel that is suited to as many different people as it is to its many different uses.

Product Description

Our luxurious 60:40% bamboo/cotton blend works together to combine the benefits of the natural absorbency of bamboo with quality Aegean cotton.

With our bamboo towel, we have chosen a honeycomb weave which gives the traditional Turkish towel a modern twist.

Sml $34 Indigo/Mint/Ash/Coral
Med $49 Indigo/Mint/Ash/Coral
Lrg $59 Indigo/Mint/Ash/Coral
X-Lrg $69 Indigo/Mint/Ash/Coral



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X Large 100x230cm, Large 100x190cm, Medium 100x150cm, Small 45x90cm


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